Wanda Allen – Follow up Savvy

Wanda Allen – Follow up Savvy

Follow up Savvy


Follow up is a fundamental in the sales process.  Prospects rarely move forward in the first meeting or on the first phone call.  Because of this, follow up is a must and critical to closing the sale.  Research shows that 80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact.  This tells us we have to be willing to follow up multiple times to get the sale.


A great risk is taken when effective follow up habits and systems aren’t in place.  The obvious risk is business will be lost.  The not so obvious risk is relationships will be lost.  It’s imperative to stay in touch with past clients.  Staying in touch is an extension of follow up.  Too often, business is transacted and then the salesperson is off looking for their next new lead, prospect, client and neglect relationships they’ve already established.  Existing clientele can be a great source of future business and / or referrals.  If they’re a satisfied customer, you already have an approval rating so don’t forget about them.


3 effective follow up habits?


  1. Give follow up a place of priority.
  2. Always have follow up conversations with the prospect
  3. Don’t give up after a few attempts to get the business.  Stay the course until the prospect makes a decision.

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Follow Up Savvy

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Wanda’s Bio:

Wanda Allen is a national speaker, coach and author.  She authored Follow Up Savvy and is a contributing author to Amazon’s #1 Best Seller, Selling With Synchronicity.   She’s the National Association of Women Business Owner’s Rising Star Award Winner and Business Owner of the Year Nominee.  She is an expert in helping entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals improve sales performance, increase client retention and become more referable through effective follow up systems and strategies.  Wanda was a business banker for 25 years. She’s had extensive training on business development, maintaining client relationships and customer service.