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Ouroboros Sphere

Touch Interactive TRUE 360 Projection Sphere Rental and Visual Art Design

Ouroboros Sphere, a futuristic frontrunner in the visual entertainment world, helps turn any event into an unforgettable, interactive multimedia experience. We offer the only complete 360-degree projection spheres featuring touch interaction in the USA, made available through our exclusive partnership with Pufferfish. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Pufferfish specializes in designing 360-degree video projection spheres. These technological marvels can display anything from static images to custom video, allowing your event goers the opportunity to view content preselected by you. If you don’t have your own content, we offer a stunning selection of stock videos and images that can help you achieve the perfect ambience for your function. Our team of experienced art designers, video editors, and programmers can also assist you in creating custom content specifically for your event.

Our video sphere technology is truly one-of-a-kind. While other video sphere projection technology merely projects an image onto the side of the sphere, ours is the only one that boasts a true 360-degree display with touch interaction. As a result, it provides an image that is viewable from any angle, making it perfect for crowds. Our spheres also feature touch-sensitive technology that creates an interactive experience, allowing you or your event guests to manipulate the visuals in a number of customizable ways. For example, you could treat your guests to a photo montage of the bride and groom at a wedding, or interest potential investors with marketing materials at your next corporate function. With our video sphere, the possibilities are limitless—and entirely up to you.

While Ouroboros Sphere is based in Orange County, California, we can ship our sphere to wherever your event is. Our video sphere is a self-contained system that requires minimal setup and power requirements. We can also provide personnel and any additional equipment that you may require. Please feel free to contact us about available packages, rental rates, and content. Don’t just make it an event—make it your event.

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