OC Breast Wellness  – Digital Breast Exam, Breast Screening

OC Breast Wellness – Digital Breast Exam, Breast Screening

OC Breast Wellness

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OC Breast Wellness Offers a Dual Approach to Breast Screenings with
SureTouch Breast Exam and Breast Thermography


OC Breast Wellness is dedicated to reducing the prevalence of breast cancer through education, prevention, and state-of-the-art breast exams.

To create a paradym shift toward breast cancer prevention through education which will improve current statistics of 1 in 8 women diagnosed with breast cancer today.


OC Breast Wellness is the first center in Orange County to offer the SureTouch digital breast exam. SureTouch’s technology is based on Digital Palpation Imaging, which is like the human touch as it uses tactile feel to accurately map abnormal tissue growth in the breast. Each digital breast exam is a comfortable, radiation-free experience for the patient, and it provides immediate information. Consequently, this digital breast exam removes the anxiety of waiting for results.

The SureTouch procedure – For Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Safe clinical breast exams - detection of breast cancer SureTouch is an FDA cleared breakthrough technology. SureTouch is a safe, accurate breast cancer examination that enables all areas of the breast to be examined while offering immediate digitized results for you and your doctor.

Clinical Breast Exams (CBE) are performed by a health professional to feel for lumps and look for changes in the size, shape, or texture of your breasts. SureTouch works in much the same way. As the clinician gently moves the SureTouch hand-held sensor across the breast and underarm area, you’ll see ultra-sensitive, multi-dimensional color images instantly appear on a computer screen in real-time, allowing you and your clinician to view the size, sharp, hardness and location of suspicious masses immediately. There’s no waiting time for results. The detection of breast cancer through the use of SureTouch is much more accurate than mammograms.

In addition, unlike a mammogram, a SureTouch exam doesn’t painfully pull or flatten your breast, and the upper outer quadrant, where the majority of breast cancers occur, can be examined easily and without any discomfort.

Since SureTouch breast exams are digitally recorded, results can be tracked and stored, so your clinician can easily compare your latest report to earlier exam results for unmatched accuracy and consistency.

SureTouch is accurate.  Because SureTouch is more sensitive than human touch alone, you can have complete confidence in your results. It can detect masses as small as 5mm – much smaller than the 10mm masses detectable by clinicians during clinical breast exams. The SureTouch examination is not hindered by breast density as are mammography and MRI. Therefore, it is ideal for screening women with dense breast tissue, particularly women under the age of 40.

This new technological advancement is a safe and effective way to increase the accuracy of routine clinical breast exams for the detection of breast cancer and create clear consistent and objective documentation of your results.

There is no harmful radiation, so you have one less thing to worry about.

To get a more visual idea of how a SureTouch breast cancer exam works and how it is different than other examination breast methods, take a look at some of the breast exam videos found online, and be sure to view the SureTouch video at the top of this page.

See more at: http://www.ocbreastwellness.com/the-suretouch-process/

The Thermography Breast Imaging procedure consists of three simple steps:

Thermal Breast ImagingStep 1) Preparation – prior to your office visit you will be asked to read and follow the Pre-Examination Instructions and complete the Breast History Form.

Step 2) Equilibration – during the office visit examination you will be disrobed from the waist up for both imaging and to allow for the surface temperature of the body to equilibrate with the room. You will sit with your arms placed in elevated arm rests and away from your body for 20 minutes.

Step 3) Imaging – once equilibrated the female technician will take three (3) camera shots from approximately 4 feet away. (One frontal and two slightly angled shots) To be sure they pictures are clear and accurate the technician will download them before asking you to dress. Once the pictures have been confirmed the Thermography breast exam is completed and the images are sent to Breast Thermography Evaluation.

Thermal breast imaging is used in conjunction with SureTouch in the detection of breast cancer. A thermography breast exam looks for heat that is produced by an increase in blood vessel circulation as well as metabolism changes that occur when a tumor develops and begins to grow. Using this method of thermal imaging for breast cancer screening means that it’s possible that breast cancer can be detected in its precancerous stage or at least be detected when the tumor is too small still to be seen using other methods of breast cancer screenings.

When it comes to thermography vs mammogram, while thermal breast imaging has the potential to detect tumors in their very early stages, it shouldn’t be used as the sole method of breast cancer detection. However, with mammograms being highly inaccurate, painful, and unsafe, they should not be used as the sole method of breast cancer detection, either.

Most people who are familiar with the screening methods used at OC Breast Wellness wouldn’t even consider thermography vs mammogram. Mammogram would be disregarded, and thermography would be used in conjunction with SureTouch as their preferred method of breast cancer screening.

See more at: http://www.ocbreastwellness.com/the-thermography-process/

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OC Breast Wellness  – Digital Breast Exam, Breast Screening