Masala Chocolates

Masala Chocolates

Masala Chocolates

Masala Chocolates® is offering handmade, artisan chocolates with exotic spices and flavors. The chocolates are made without chemicals, stabilizers or eggs and are vegetarian and vegan friendly.

We also sell gluten-free snacks.

We offer:

Toffee & Bark
Nuts & Snacks
Golden Magi
Party Favors
Seasonal Specials

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Meet Laila S. Nabulsi, owner and chocolatier

Drawing from my upbringing and travel experiences abroad,  is a result of merging all of these different elements together to create a canvas for my work. The cross-cultural inspiration behind these gourmet, designer chocolates not only appeals to those epicureans with a bohemian bent, but also those adventurous palates who are always searching for the latest in luxurious, yet unusual taste sensations – whether for their own enjoyment or to give as gifts.

 Laila S. Nabulsi

Masala Chocolates

Nuts Snacks Masala Chocolates

Party Event Favors Masala Chocolates


Gift Boxes Masala Chocolates


Toffee Bark Masala Chocolates

Golden Magi Collection Masala Chocolates

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