Cerina Griffin – Marriage and Family Therapist

Cerina Griffin – Marriage and Family Therapist

Cerina Griffin – Marriage and Family Therapist

Cerina Griffin, MFT
Two Corporate Plaza Drive, Suite 150
Newport Beach, CA 92660



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It’s time to feel better about yourself and lean into change.

Life comes with inevitable change.  Babies bring joy, but take away independence or sleep.  Careers grow, shift or even end.  Moves to other cities happen.  Friends change.  And sometimes, loss or even trauma occurs.

Though many of these changes are inevitable, some growth and change takes place through conscious and active choice.  If you are feeling disempowered, insecure or powerless in our life, it can be hard to step out in faith and confidence and face change.

Perhaps you are wondering where the time went and feel like you are doomed to stay in your circumstance.  Or maybe you have felt “comfortable” where you are sitting but wonder where these feelings of hopelessness, anger or frustration are coming from.  If this feels like you, then I imagine you probably also feel discouraged, isolated and dislike yourself and even others who are in the place you want to be in yourself.

I’m Cerina and I love helping women make changes when they feel stuck in their relationships or careers so they can improve their self-esteem and feel empowered.  Imagine waking up in the morning with purpose and intention.  When your values match your everyday activities, health, relationships and overall well-being can exponentially improve.

It’s time to feel better and walk with confidence and purpose.  Take the next step and call or text me at (949) 870-8098 for a complimentary phone consultation or schedule an appointment today.  I look forward to hearing from you and walking those first steps toward change together!


Cerina Griffin, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist , MFC #54013

Service Areas: Children and Self-Esteem, What Therapy Addresses, Leaving a Bad Relationship, Feeling Better About Ourselves

About Cerina

Experiencing the Power of TherapyFamily Therapist

I believe the best therapists go on their own journey first. Through my own therapeutic journey I developed a deep respect and passion for the power of this life changing process. My own therapy caused me to look deep within myself, where I found unresolved hurts that I did not even realize existed. What I learned even later in therapy was that not addressing this pain impacted my self-esteem and stunted my growth and opportunity. Today, I see the effects of working through these hurts in a very real way. My relationships improved. My communication skills increased. Even my physical health became better. And most importantly, I really actually like myself and that gives me the confidence to take charge of my life and succeed in unimaginable ways. It’s been these impactful outcomes that keep me in my own therapy today. I believe therapy works, and I feel passionate about giving this gift to others.

My personal experience convinced me that everybody needs therapy at some point, but sadly, most miss this opportunity. That makes for a lot of unhealthy, broken individuals in the world! I feel deeply passionate about walking with the courageous few who seek and strive for authentic healing and lasting change. I surround myself with personal relationships with those who believe the same and challenge me toward insight and awareness of the true self.

Professional Background

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and provide counseling to those needing support with self-esteem issues or getting launched in difficult, yet positive change. My office is located in Newport Beach and includes a play therapy room for children also needing help with confidence and transition. In addition, I have worked extensively with domestic violence victims, children, adolescents and early adults in clinical and non-profit settings over this past decade. These professional experiences are what spurred my passion in helping others find hope and healing from the therapeutic process. I feel privileged to be able to do what I love for my job and sit with people in an intimate and sacred place of reconciliation and newly found peace. It would be a privilege to walk this journey with you, too!

Personal Background

Aside from therapy, an additional passion of mine is having fun! I love being with my husband and family – we enjoy finding new adventures and creating unique memories together. I believe the gift of self-care truly helps me be a better therapist and gives me energy and drive to care for my clients at my fullest capacity. I am originally from Oregon so hiking, yoga, travel and other holistic activities are some of my favorite pastimes. I also pretend to run half-marathons and other races, but it actually looks more like a slow shuffle. I make time for my faith and good friendships, both which help fulfill my desire for richness, warmth and purpose.

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